Zita West Fertility Treatments

Zita West Affiliated Acupunctuist

Cheryl has trained with the famous Zita West Clinic and is a member of the National Network for Reproductive Health. She takes referrals directly from the clinic in London as well as self referred clients. Her expertise as a previous midwife and gynaecology nurse has enabled her to give an integrated approach to assist couples with conception.

Fertility Consultations

The Fertility Consultation lasts between an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half.
Ideally I like to see couples together and send you both a detailed form to fill in before you arrive. Sometimes, where necessary, I will arrange for blood tests and other clinical tests to be carried out to give us a comprehensive picture of your reproductive status.
Lifestyle and dietary advice are given and there is opportunity to purchase any supporting nutritional supplements and books from the Zita West online shopping service with a 20% discount for those who wish to take advantage of this. Simply type in the promotional code I give you to access your discount.
We can then discuss the role of acupuncture and / or hypnosis in your treatment program. Sometimes I treat both partners if it is indicated but often a course of treatment is attended by just the woman.
I have helped heterosexual and lesbian couples achieve their goal in addition to many single women who desire to conceive using sperm donation.

Acupuncture to Increase IVF Success Rates

For those who are already undergoing Assisted Conception and just wish to use the acupuncture consultation to increase success rates then it is possible to book in for a normal acupuncture consultation and treatment session without having the full Fertility consultation. These treatments have been well documented in recent research to increase success rates by around 25% by encouraging implantation of the fertilized egg. It achieves this by increasing blood flow to the uterus and helping reduce and  counteract harmful stress hormones in the body.


Really lovely birth using hypnobirthing and great support

Dr J M

Based in Leeds