Women’s Urban Retreat Workshops

Urban Retreats and Women’s Quest classes: A chance to reconnect with self, recharge and rejuvenate

Cheryl was awarded her Women’s Quest Leadership qualification in 2015, having  studied over two years with Alexandra Pope, author and facilitator to bring the wisdom and skills of these wonderful workshops to nurture and empower women.

We offer a new paradigm in women’s development that is central to girls’ and women’s health, psycho-spiritual growth and women’s leadership. Our radical new approach is based on the inner knowledge of the menstrual cycle and the developmental journey from menarche to menopause and beyond. Women come coded with our own ‘practice’ or Way—the menstrual cycle.

Through the dynamic of the monthly cycle culminating in the transition of menopause a woman is able to develop an inner practice for healing, realising her personal potential and maturing a rich spiritual life. She is uniquely tutored in the nature and power of The Feminine, a force needed more than ever today. This work has ancient roots freshly articulated to meet the needs and conditions of our time.

Cheryl blends her talents of leading women through meditations, guided visualisations, gentle yoga and reflections to gain new insight into your life cycles and monthly cycles as a woman. The themes vary but we usually cover a health and wellbeing topic in each retreat. We often find time to look at the evidence base and research for health care practices and share tips and advice along side a whole host of nurturing relaxation opportunities.


I am really glad we did your course and I can't tell you how much more positive our experience was second time round!

Karen & Neal Hulme

Based in Leeds