HypnoFertility® It’s Conceivable

 Cheryl has trained with the famous Lynsi Eastburn from the USA and is a certified HypnoFertility® Practitioner. Research in Psycho-neuro-immunology suggests that the Mind-Body link is a very real factor in creating psychological responses to our thoughts and emotions. Certainly, it is now well documented to have a / between  stress / neurotransmitter  and hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol are altered increased in the body as a reaction to dear and stress in a person’s life. Couples seeking fertility treatments are under additional stress and pressure which can create substances in the body which are counter-productive to the goal of conception.

Using Hypnosis and relaxation techniques can help reduce the stress response and have a positive impact on conception outcomes both for those couples who wish to enhance their natural fertility and those undergoing assisted conception techniques.
HypnoFertility® is a treatment in its own right and may be booked as an independent session but is usually offered simultaneously during Acupuncture for Fertility treatments at no extra charge or for those who wish to combine the techniques into one session. In these cases, Hypnosis is given after the acupuncture needles have been inserted.

Most people really enjoy these combined treatments and they rest in the knowledge that they are doing everything possible for mind, body and spirit to optimise the chances of conception occurring.
For some individuals, there are deeper emotional issues underlying their ability to conceive. Sometimes there has been a history of abuse or issues of trauma, grief and even guilt feelings related to a persons gynaecological or sexual history that are impeding the natural well-being of mind and body. These issues are often more easily accepted and resolved in hypnosis allowing a deeper sense of well being and readiness for pregnancy and parenting. Occasionally, where appropriate, referrals for further counselling may be necessary and desirable. For many, they are amazed at how quickly the subconscious mind can process such issues allowing them a deeper sense of inner peace which ripples out positively, not only to their relationship with themselves and their body but in their relationship with loved ones and the world around them.


hank you so much for all your help and support with the births of both our children. I couldn't be happier with how both births went and that I managed to avoid induction both times with your help.

Dr P.N

Based in Leeds