Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture

Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture is sometimes referred to as cosmetic acupuncture. It improves the muscle tone and dermal contraction in the face and neck and for this reason is sometimes referred to as a non-surgical facelift. Although it will not alter the fundamental shape of your face like surgery can, research has shown that the bags and sagging around the face neck and eyes can be toned up and deep and shallow wrinkles can be significantly reduced by a full course of treatment. What’s more, research has shown that facial acupuncture stimulates an increase in the collagen production and helps smooth out and redistribute existing collagen to reduce the appearance of and preventing wrinkles. There are also more subtle benefits apparent even early in the course of treatment.
As with any holistic treatment, the effects tend to improve your overall feeling of well being and vitality. The eyes and skin tend to glow with more radiance and is often reflected by a renewed confidence and zest for life. Traditional Chinese Medicine thus rejuvenates the body, mind and emotions not just the external appearance.
A course of twelve treatments is given, usually at weekly intervals or sometimes twice weekly. Usually more lasting effects are seen by around treatment seven although some notice changes earlier in the course. Each treatment lasts one and a half hours and costs £75 per session to reflect the double appointment time required.

The Treatment

The treatment Is extremely relaxing and de-stressing in itself. It involves inserting ultra fine tiny acupuncture needles into the skin and wrinkles. These are sterile, once only disposable needles. Body and ear points are also used to enhance the overall health of the individual. This process is virtually painless and most people look forward to coming back for treatments. It takes one and a half hours for a complete treatment. There is a gentle aromatherapy facial massage given to finish off. Homecare advice is given including acupressure massage and general lifestyle nutritional advice.
Treatments are tailor made to individual requirements according to how the individual is aging. These may focus on:

  • Minimising appearance of wrinkles Firming jowls
  • Firming neck
  • Reducing double chin
  • Upper / Lower lip wrinkles
  • Frown lines diminished
  • Reducing bags under eyes/ puffiness Improving droopy eyelids
  • Improving over dry or oily skin Enhancing natural rosier glow of skin Brightening the eyes
A full treatment is £70 lasting about an hour and a quarter but express facials are also available at £50 for around 50 minutes for those who need less work or just want a top up for a special event.
The Risks

Facial Rejuvenation has none of the risks of disfigurement or swelling that accompany surgery or other procedures such as Botox injections. There is a slight chance of minor bruising occurring with the occasional facial point and if this occurs, is usually easily covered up by a dab of light foundation or tinted moisturiser. Most clients find this is acceptable, diminishes after a couple of days and is worth it for the end results.


Not to be administered if you are suffering from an acute outbreak of herpes, flu & colds or are pregnant. Treatment is not suitable for those suffering from diabetes, severe migraines, high blood pressure, or serious health conditions such as cancer, heart conditions and bleeding disorders.
Please tell Cheryl if you have had botox, laser treatment or cosmetic surgery



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