New Mummy MOT Treatments and advice / Postnatal Yoga Classes

postnatal yoga

Cheryl is now taking a few months break from teaching Yoga but do see our Urban Retreat pages

Do book in to clinic for a new mummy MOT for postural, pelvic, and spine assessment and treatment and to safely treat and assist any postnatal mummy tummy issues. We look at your overall wellbeing and adjustment to motherhood in a truly holistic way. Cheryl uses her unique toolkit box of therapies including, acupuncture, hypnosis and bodywork therapies according to your need and preferences.Cheryl draws on her experience as an ex midwife and many years of treating women in all stages of their lifecycle. Particularly of interest is recovering from childbirth and assisting the new mother to adapt and transition into this new phase easily, both physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

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the HypnoBirthing® tools that you'd given us significantly helped relax me during my stay at the hospital in the days before and after Luke was born

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