I'm doing Hypnobirthing - listening to CDs etc. I know a lot of mums that have required no pain relief at all for it. I am going to classes this month in Leeds with Cheryl Mason - she was recommended by my midwife.


My hubby was really skeptical at first, but he went along with it for me, and our birth went fabulously. In fact, he now tells pregnant friends/acquaintances about how wonderful it was.


Hi! There are lots of HypnoBirthing practitioners covering the Leeds area. Cheryl Mason is excellent and Eithne Clark is too. They both have backgrounds in midwifery and I have supported several couples who have done their courses who have used the techniques very effectively. As a former hypnobirther myself I know it's important to have a birth partner who buys into it. My hubby was skeptical but came along because he knew it was important to me. He said after just one session he felt more prepared and able to support me than he had with everything we had done with our other baby. The home study course is great too and that plus reading the Mongan book will set anyone up who can't do the classes for any reason. Support is key so who ever will be with you in labour needs to understand how they will be supporting you by attending classes or reading the book.

Off topic slightly but I recommend you try to get along to the Leeds Home Birth group too. You'll meet lots of people planning, thinking about or who have had home births and many of whom will be hypnobirthers. Even if you are not planning a home birth it's a great place to meet people with the same approach to birth and hear wonderful positive birth stories.


Hi Cheryl, I'm afraid we're going to have to cancel the acupuncture induction on Tuesday – our little boy was born on Friday at 16.20. He's called Henry Llewelyn David ; we call him llewie.
The birth was a very quick labour of three hours, with nothing but the TENS machine. We didn't even have time for a whole script between my waters breaking and surges strong enough to make us head for hospital, but the breathing techniques and light touch massage were brilliant! Thanks for everything,

J, T and Llewie

Just wanted to let you know our news - baby Solomon John born at home in the pool on Sun 21st July 05.20am weighing a hefty 9lb3 !! Really lovely birth using hypnobirthing and great support from J, our doula and some lovely midwives from the homebirth team. He came on his big brother's 3rd birthday so a double celebration! here are a couple of pics. Thanks for all your help.

Dr J M

Dear Cheryl,
I just wanted to let you know that Stu and I welcomed our baby into the world on Saturday afternoon.
We had a wonderful home birth as planned (kind of!)
in the morning I felt a bit achy so listened to CD Whist Stu was busy working. Stu was due to go for an appointment in the pm and at 12 noon I said maybe he should stay with me because I felt different. no pain just different. at 2pm I realized that these feelings were coming quite often so decided to put tens machine on to practise for the real thing. I realized that I was clicking the button quite often so Stu started timing contraction at 3 whilst reading a deepening script. they were 1 min long 4/5 mins apart. called the midwife. she came just after 4. I did not know if I wanted examination so we discussed options. she called midwife 2 to get her to call at hospital for gas.air/ resuscitation kits etc. she told Stu to blow pool up. I then needed a wee! went to bathroom and as soon as I stepped in there felt the urge to push. second midwife was told to come straight to us and arrived at 5.45. baby was born at 6.16 with 2 paracetamol and tens machine. 
although we did not use massage, acupressure, candles, music, pool or more scripts, our birth was calm, quick and I will even say easy!
thank you for sharing all of the valuable information and relaxation techniques. although not used on the day, the daily relaxation practice clearly worked for us.

Loretta, Stu and brand new Harrison .

Hi Cheryl, I'm going to ring you! Thanks for all your help. Yes, we had a natural birth. Drug free. I used a birthing chair in the end. He's been a much happier baby because of it too I think. Spencer was born weighing 8.1bs 5.

Thank you so much


Hi Lettie, I can definitely recommend acupuncture to treat a short luteal phase defect. I miscarried at 13 weeks last August and have been trying to get pregnant ever since. Using the clearblue fertility monitor, I discovered that I was ovulating on day 23 and getting my period on day 30, (with severe cramps starting from about day 27) I went to see my GP who informed me that all sub fertilty treatment had been cut in our area, and so I couldn't get clomid or progesterone on the NHS. After some googling I decided to try acupuncture before resorting to the eyewateringly expensive private fertilty consultant I'd been recommended. I have to say I am a total convert! In just three sessions - of forty five minutes a week (combined with relaxtion hypnosis while the needles were in), she's got me ovulating on day 17 and I am currently on day 27 without a period, or any of the PMS symptoms I'd normally have by now (too nervous to do a pregnancy test yet..) and so my luteal phase has already gone up to a much more healthy ten days and counting. 
I'd never had acupuncture before and was nervous that it would hurt, in the same sharp way that an injection hurts. I can reassure you that this is not at all the case. There's a sort of tapping feeling when she puts the needles in, followed by a sort of dull ache, which for me felt like a very low voltage electric shock on most points. On a couple of occasions, when she put the needle into certain key 'conception' points, I had a much more intense reaction, almost jumping off the bed, as I felt a bigger surge of shock. I still wouldn't say it hurt though, it was just a strange surprising feeling! So, even though I am not sure if I am pregnant yet, the fact that she's upped my luteal phase to over ten days already, makes me think it's deinitely doing something! 
Good luck, xxx
PS - if you're in the Leeds area then the woman I am seeing is called Cheryl Mason and you can google her. If you are in London the best person I've heard of is a lady called Claire Battersby who seems to specialise in LPD

Hello Chery,

My sincere apologies for such an incredible delay in sending you my testimony with regard to our hypno-birth (!!!) - I had not forgotten to do it, but these last 16 weeks since the arrival of Isla have been the most hectic of my entire life!! They have also been the most amazing and happiest and the disturbed nights pale into insignificance whenever I look at her, and think of the wonderful week which we have had with her so far.. I just could not let another wek pass by without e-mailing you my thoughts and experience for others to hear about with regard to your suport, and the power of hypnobirthing...

I have been so keen to let you know how our birthing went, and to share with you a little of what was quite definitely the most phenomenal experience of my life... and to say thank you for teaching us the skills, and for giving us the confidence to hypno-birth our little girl into the world...

Whilst I knew prior to the course that hypnobirthing would be of great value, I know with confidence that without it, our birthing would have been a completely different experience - it would have been absent of the calmness, control and positivity with epitomised it all throughout...

I had induction acupunture wih you on the 15th (my due date was 16th). This session with you was an emotionally powerful experience for me - I left you with an over-whelming and strong sense that everything was going to be totally fine..I have neverin my life experienced such an all consuming state of something which I stil cant quite put into words, but which left me feeling empowered, confident in myself and my ability and truely at peace with myself - it still brings tears to my eyes to remember that feeling when I arrived home from my session with you - for that alone, i sincerely thank you.

Within an hour of the induction acupuncture, I was experiencing mild period pains which were on and off throughout the night (but nothing as strong as my usual period pains - I could get back to sleep with these during the night, to the point that it did not occur to me that I was possibly in early labour..). I woke at 5.30am the next morning to the sensation of my waters breaking and so dashed to the loo (it's surprising just how fast a 9 mth pregnant woman can run when she really needs too...!).

Immediately as my waters broke, my surges started and were three minutes apart right from the beginning at which point i notified the home birth team - they said that I sounded very calm and so would await the shift change to happen at seven and be out to assess me shortly after (I was happy with this plan as I was managing absolutely fine) - these lasted for about an hour and were very manageable with the use of the breathing techniques, my swiss gym ball to rock on/over, and ensuring that I remained 'limp and loose' as I approached each surge individually. After an hour, they increased to one min apart, and I contacted the home birth team once again to inform them of the rapid change: she arrived within 20 mins, assessed me and found that she could not locate my cervix .... I was 10 cm fully dilated already, so at that point she called for her colleague to join her: it was at that point that I knew that our baby would shortly be with us.

From that point onwards, my perception of time became distorted - it felt like it all went so fast: I was in my own little focused bubble - I felt calm and in control and peaceful (which I had not expected to feel). I could hear, respond and fully participate in all that was going on around me, but I was definately inmy own zone of concentration. Due to the speed of the labour, we did not have time to do any of the guided relaxations or scripts(as gus was busy trying to fill the pool - he did manage to fill it just in time and we had a small window of possibly getting me down the stairs to it, however, I just knew that I wanted to be on the bed over pillows to birth our baby - I just knew with absolute confidnce that the pool was not for me when the tine came..). I continued to use my recollection of the affirmations which I had been playing to myself each night on my i pod, and in the car; i used the controlled breathing techniques; we used key hypno birthing language (surges rather than contractions/and my favourite one which really really worked was telling myself to remain 'limp and loose' - I have to say that I have used this one since when i have had to undergo a surgical procedure which i was feeling anxious about - so helpful!). We also had great benefit from light touch massage (did not have time to get the tens machine on, and so used this lots in the early stages and for me it had great effect!).

The midwives were amazing - they arrived enthusiastically, and allowed us to focus on our Hypno-birthing techniques: i could hear them saying quietly to each other that I was so calm and focused and how in control I was.
Later, they and their student told me how they had heard of hypno-birthing, but had never seen one and felt privileged to witness one and see its effects. They also told me that the handover which they had received from the home birth team was that when I had phoned them on both occasions, they would not have had any idea how far on my labour was as I was so calm on the phone: they said that the delivery suite is considering asking all mothers on the phone if they are hypnobirthing as they are finding that these mothers are further on than they sound. It might advantageous if hypno-birthing mothers tell them this information when they phone to give the home birth team as much information as possible.

So, our beautiful little girl was born at nine forty one in the morning of her due date! Very punctual,and a uncomplicated and short labour....and that is all thanks to all that you have taught us and hypno-birthing.
It has given us a positive and memorable experience and one which I tell anyone whom is interested to hear (and even a few whom possibly are not..) - we reflect upon her birthing day frequently, and it is something which we will never forget..

I cant thank you enough Cheryl for all your support,

Dian Stead

Dear Cheryl,

Sophie Louise Hulme was born on Sat 5th Mar at 2.15pm and in short the whole labour went much better than the first time round due we are sure to the hypnobirthing.

My waters broke at 4.30am that morning so we went into hospital that morning so they could just make sure everything was ok. My contractions started very mildly around 7.30am and they asked us to stay as they thought there was muconium in my waters although when the doctor examined me around 9am that morning I was given the all clear. By that point my contractions were stronger but completely manageable as I was listening to the CD's and totally relaxed and just breathing through them. They let us stay even though I had only started dilating and put us into a delivery suite and just left us to it! Throughout the morning contractions got stronger and more frequent but I was absolutely fine bouncing away on the birthing ball and actually Neal and I had a really nice time together! The music and scripts worked really well as did the massage and it was really nice just being left to it.

Around 1pm things started to get a lot more intense so Neal started using the acupressure points during contractions and I really can't express enough how well the points on either side of my hips worked! It really made a difference! I then started being very sick so we called in the midwife who gave me an anti sickness injection. At this time the midwife started to talk about sending me home because I didn't seem that progressed, which was the first time I started to get a bit worried. I was coping really well but didn't feel I could manage a lot more if I wasn't that far on! We therefore decided I would have an examination to see how far on I was however by the time the midwife came in to do the examination I realised I was ready to push! She didn't even have time to get her gloves on as after only 3 contractions Sophie was born! The midwife who had been ready to send me home couldn't believe it!

The best part was that we were able to come home the same day as I felt really well which was really important for us given we had Ethan at home. Since then Sophie has been fantastic and very relaxed which I am sure is due in part to her stress free arrival!

All in all I am really glad we did your course and I can't tell you how much more positive our experience was second time round!

Many thanks for all your help,

Karen & Neal Hulme

Hi Cheryl,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Olive Alexandra Spiers arrived into the world on Sunday 6th February weighing 7.5lbs. She's an absolute angel (of course) and hasn't done much but sleep since she entered the world - lucky us!

The HypnoBirthing® was amazing and I did the whole thing without any drugs or gas and air despite Olive's head refusing to engage until the last minute and then being born back to back, which I’m told is more 'painful'! Pete was able to keep me in a relaxed state throughout but the most amazing thing of all was the acupressure. As Pete applied pressure to different points, the surge would subside immediately making the whole experience much more comfortable and relaxing. I look back on the birth and feel incredibly proud of myself but the best thing of all is the knowledge that no medical intervention was required. It's a great feeling to know that Olive's birthing experience was as calm as possible and I can't help but think that has a lot to do with the sleepy, relaxed, happy little girl that we have brought into the world.

Pete and I can't thank you enough for everything that you taught us. Before the classes, childbirth was something scary that would happen to me at some point in my life. Instead, it was the best experience of my life and i'm alredy looking forward to next time!

Sarah and Pete

Smith Marlowe Berrington was born on 8th January, slightly earlier than expected weighing 6lb 11oz. After previously coming up against quite a bit of scepticism regarding our chosen birthing technique, thankfully we chose to ignore it and follow your guidance which has proven to be a godsend! After a few hours of what Sharon thought were Braxton Hicks we finally decided to contact the hospital and set off where upon an inspection there she was 6cm dilated and completely calm.

After speaking with you we decided to go for the water birth and again were so delighted that we did. You were right about the midwives being excited about being present; it almost made it feel that extra bit special. We kind of went into auto pilot just completely focusing on the breathing assisted with the music. Sharon was so thankful for my role, with massage and focusing her on her breathing and not requiring any midwives throughout with the obvious exceptions of delivery and occasionally checking baby's heartbeat. Without any assistance of drugs or gas Sharon's labour lasted about 8 hours, during which she fell asleep 3 times she was so relaxed! The midwives were amazed and have asked us to go to a coffee morning to talk about HypnoBirthing®. They were amazed at how attentive a partner could also be. Anyway as you can tell the whole experience has been a revelation.
I would be lying if I said that I may at times had my doubts but how wrong I was. You have truly been an inspiration, we have and will continue to not only recommend you but also shout from the rooftops about HypnoBirthing®. You took us on an incredible journey of which all three of us will be eternally grateful.

We now realise how integral HynoBirthing® should be not only for mothers but also their partners. I came away feeling and being assured by Sharon to have made such a difference and that she couldn't have done it without me.

Thank you so much again, words really can't express it but I've had a good go! Hope our paths cross again,

Andy, Sharon and Smith Berrington

Hi Cheryl

Hope all is good. Thought you’d like to know that our first child Lucy Charlotte was born on Monday – 8 days overdue, weighing 7lb 13oz – Michelle and I are completely besotted by her!

I just wanted to say thank you for your help in preparing Michelle (and me) for the birth of Lucy. Michelle was amazing throughout what ended up as being a relatively quick and uncomplicated labour - I was completely in awe of Michelle throughout.

No pain relief was required (not even gas & air) and Michelle also avoided stitches. The birth was just how you said it could be and to be left with such positive memories of labour means a great deal to us – we feel so lucky!

Michelle was a model ‘Hypno student’ in the weeks preceding labour and once it started stayed calm, relaxed, breathed well and even managed to sleep between surges. We read the scripts from the onset of labour – pretty much constantly for the first 6 hours but there after Michelle just needed general encouragement and the occasional top up script every now and again.

From my perspective it was great to be so prepared and able to offer support through the reading of scripts and see Michelle respond in such a positive way.

What came next was something I’ll never forget – it was beautiful.

I’m sure Michelle will be in touch but I just wanted to say thanks personally.


Hiya Cheryl

I just wanted to email you to say thank you as I had a very good birthing experience which i believe is down to your HypnoBirthing® teachings. It was a calming experience and nothing like I had imagined it to be...and i think that it's down to your help and advice!

I had my baby on 22nd June, a little boy called Harry Michael weighing 7lb 1oz (not sure where the last 2 months have gone) after 7 hours of labour from start to finish.

I woke up at 3am with a slight period pain and my waters were leaking. I didn't actually wake my boyfriend until 4am though after phoning the delivery suite to see if I was in labour. After waking Gary he couldn't believe how calm i was and kept asking if I was sure i was in labour... he was more scared than me!
We arrived at the hospital and had the babies heartbeat checked as well as my contractions..I was 1cm at this point but me and Gary were fine and just having a laugh...it was not what Gary or me imagined. The nurse was fascinated by my HypnoBirthing® file and was showing it to all the other nurses... they seemed to love it.
I was sent home for 6.30am and as i got home i phoned my mum, but i was still very calm and was handling the pain. By 7.30 the contractions seemed to speed up and we went back to the hospital. We went onto the ward and I was examined. I was only 2 - 3 cm. I had my CD on and was doing all the breathing exercises you told us about as well as the light touch massages and TENS machine, which i thought really helped. After about 40 mins I felt the urge to push and the nurse examined me again. I was 8 cm by then and was rushed to a delivery suite. I was stood up for most of my labour leaning against the bed and then on the bad on all fours. I didn't have any drugs, which I actually did think I would give in to apart from gas and air which I only used for about 20 mins as I wasn't breathing right with it. I had my baby at 10.30am. It was such a wonderful experience and i honestly didn't think I'd ever say that about giving birth. .

Harry is such a good little boy. He came out and cried for about 5 seconds and then was so quiet and calm. He just looked around and took everything in. He's so calm now and i think it's all down to how i was during my pregnancy and giving birth.

I've recommended you to all my friends and can’t speak highly enough about HypnoBirthing®.

Thank you again Cheryl and no doubt I'll be in touch again when we decide to have another baby.

Steph, Gaz and Harry.

Hi Cheryl,

I just wanted to let you know how my latest home HypnoBirth® went for your interest. I had an actupuncture treatment with you on Tuesday 18th May lunchtime by Wednesday I was experiencing surges. However I was really busy on Wednesday and Thursday and had a lot I wanted to do so kept running round getting my jobs done tiring myself out. On Thursday lunchtime I had an appointment with my midwife who told me to go home and put my feet up or I'd never go into labor. So I went home went to bed and basically didn't get out of it again for days. I woke on Friday 21st May experiencing surges again and called the midwives at 7am who came straight out and were shortly followed by my midwife who had looked after me during both of my pregnancies. I hadn't really progressed since my midwives first examined me by about 1:30pm ish and they advised I start to move around, which seemed to work and a good job I didn't take their advice and walk down to the garden. At 2pm after a 15 min active labour Zeb was born at home in my bed, only just made it from the bathroom!

I have to admit that we didn't use any other techniques again this time, I just didn't need to. I used my CD and breathing and imagined the waves coming over me and it was fab, my midwife said she couldn't even tell when I was experiencing a surge as I was so calm and composed. I was more concerned about my midwives not believing me I was in labour and leaving me like last time but I was really lucky this time and there were 5 home births in North Leeds that day not all had midwives in attendance, one my friend Kathy who I introduced to you experience wasn't as smooth as mine.

Thank you so much once again for your support and advice I really enjoy hypnobirthing and can't praise it or you enough, if I were a qualified nurse I'd be training in it myself.

Many thanks

Love Hannah, (James, Gabe and Zeb)

Hi, thought I should fill you in on the details.

I had a baby boy, born on the 23rd at 3.39am, weighing 7lb 14. we're both well. I got my water birth too, although I almost didnt as I was fully dilated, and in the process when they checked me again.

I went in when my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart, and was 3 centremetres dilated. From there it was 4 hours till he was born. I was a little worried as my waters went early with no other signs but it all kicked in. I managed to opt out of pain relief, and had a natural third stage.

Thank you very much for all your help. I'm surprised as were all hospital staff at how calm I was, one midwife even came in, saw me sitting in a chair, left again, as she didn't realise I was the mother.

Thank you again, thankfully the calmness has followed through and is still with me, let's hope it stays that way.


Hi Cheryl,
I just wanted to thank you for everything and share our good (if rather surprising news!) Our baby boy made a rather early appearance and was born on Tuesday 1st June at 12:54 - NINE weeks early and weighing a mere 4lbs.

Most importantly, he is doing very well...

As you know, my blood pressure had been high throughout the pregnancy and i was suffering from a fair bit of water retention (as you'll have spotted on my rather shrek-like ankles when at the course!) Unfortunately this escalated into severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome... In the end our baby boy had to be born by emergency c section on the Tuesday morning...It seems things were very hairy for a while, however we both remained very calm throughout it all - part of this may have been down to sheer ignorance (we'd never heard of HELLP sydrome before) however i'm convinced that practising the breathing really played a massive part in keeping us clam.

Despite this not being the birth experience we had hoped for, the HypnoBirthing® tools that you'd given us significantly helped relax me during my stay at the hospital in the days before and after Luke was born. I went deep within myself to relax and stay focused and i'm convinced that it would have been very different all round if we hadn't had the benefits of the course. I continued to use them throughout my hospital stay and am still using the tools now!!
A few pics attached so that you can see the little guy in all his glory!
Things are going really well despite the fact that things were so difficult and traumatic for a while, he really couldn't be any more perfect and i cannot imagine loving anything more. Thank you so so much for giving us the tools to help him arive safely into the world - we just love him to pieces.

All the best (and a little kiss from Luke too),

Alex & Dave

Hi Cheryl,
Just wanted to drop you a note to say our little bundle of joy arrived early and was born last Saturday. 29.05.10 - a healthy boy -Louis 7lb 8.5oz at 15.26. The techniques saw me through the early stages, and I needed just a bit of gas and air for the last part! We managed to get the pool at Harrogate so he was born in the water.

In the grand scheme of things I had a short labour.... arrived at the hospital at 12.30 and he was born just under 3 hours later!

Thanks again

Claire Poole

Hi Cheryl,
A moment between feeds and snuggles to jump on the computer to let you know that my baby, Toby, was born on 20 June, safe and well. I came to see you for the acupuncture induction on 17 June, and we used the acupressure points on 18 June, then I had a show on the morning of 19 June and the contractions became more intense on the evening of 19th. We left for the hospital at 2am, I was very concerned we were leaving too early as the contractions did not feel nearly so intense as when my daughter was born, but when we got there, I was 8 cm dilated and Toby was born 3 hours later, weighing in at 10 lb 4! I used the HypnoBirthing® techniques with great success, Dave was really on board with helping me relax and focusing on the breathing, and I didn't need any pain relief at all. Toby came out very calmly and slowly, his head emerged very gently but his shoulders didn't turn so I did tear at the very end, but not too badly. I felt very calm throughout and really enjoyed his birth. He emerged very calm and alert and fed very quickly. Once I got to the post-natal ward, a midwife came to ask me about the birth - turns out she's pregnant and she was very interested to hear about HypnoBirthing®!

Thank you so much for all your help and support with the births of both our children. I couldn't be happier with how both births went and that I managed to avoid induction both times with your help.

with thanks and best wishes

Dr P.N

Hi Cheryl
Hope all is good. Thought you’ d like to know that our first child Lucy Charlotte was born on Monday – 8 days overdue, weighing 7lb 13oz – Michelle and I are completely besotted by her!
I just wanted to say thank you for your help in preparing Michelle (and me) for the birth of Lucy. Michelle was amazing throughout what ended up as being a relatively quick and uncomplicated labour - I was completely in awe of Michelle throughout.

No pain relief was required (not even gas & air) and Michelle also avoided stitches. The birth was just how you said it could be and to be left with such positive memories of labour means a great deal to us – we feel so lucky!
Michelle was a model ‘ Hypno student’ in the weeks preceding labour and once it started stayed calm, relaxed, breathed well and even managed to sleep between surges. We read the scripts from the onset of labour – pretty much constantly for the first 6 hours but there after Michelle just needed general encouragement and the occasional top up script every now and again.
From my perspective it was great to be so prepared and able to offer support through the reading of scripts and see Michelle respond in such a positive way.

What came next was something I’ ll never forget – it was beautiful.
I’ m sure Michelle will be in touch but I just wanted to say thanks personally.


Dear Cheryl (aka medicine woman)

I would like to thank you for all the treatments you have given me over the last 4 years, I originally thought you ONLY did acupuncture (I had acupuncture and my symptoms went instantly) I can only describe this as taking the lid off a pressure cooker I was floating. I went on to find out about your other many talents and therapies. Aromatherapy Massage, reflexology (magical) and hypnotherapy I trust you with my body implicitly.

Cheryl I consider you as a rare find and very personable and I recommend you to everyone I know, nobody has been disappointed yet, your professionalism and manner is second to non. I always look forward to my treatments and know that you are constantly training to improve your already huge amounts of therapies.

My nick name for you is the medicine woman, silly I know, but you always work wonders with everything you do for me. There’s only one Cheryl Mason and it’s a pleasure to have you treating me.

Sarah Booth

Hi Cheryl,
You have now been treating me for over 5 years and I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for easing or successfully curing ailments that are at times very debilitating. You are always eager to help or advise and never clock watch if time is getting on.

You are truly my fairy godmother but instead of a wand you wave your magic needles with skill and professionalism. Your massage techniques pack a mean punch for someone so little and sweet! What would I do without you?... no doubt drown or burn in a sea of hot flushes and sweatswhilst in a wheelchair dosing myself with vodka and painkillers to ease my chronic back and neck pain!

Promise you’ll never leave me because who is going to push me in my chair.......... probably my husband right over a cliff!!!

You are a star, many many thanks

Sandra White

Dear Cheryl,
The vast amount of professional knowledge that you have is immense and exceptionally reassuring. Along with this your willingness to share all of your information constantly filled me with confidence. The fact that you have all the skills and resources that you do adds more than great value for money for the treatments you provide. Your understanding and empathy allowed me to fully open up to you and your compassion helped me to move forward as quickly as I wanted to. You are a fantastic and wonderfully brilliant practitioner Cheryl, and extremely intelligent and delightful person.

I would like to end with a massive thank you for everything that you have done to help me forward and away from my operations and the physical and emotional trauma of it all.

Helen Clarkson
Master NLP Practitioner, Life and Business Coach

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A sample of testimonials for HypnoBirthing

Jo Edgell Hi cheryl, baby boy arrived 23.54 on 10th sept . Had tens and pool only for birthing . Second stage was around 5 surges ! Which was a relief , is somehwat rapid! Thanks for your support – the hypnobirthing worked very well for us again. Tiny tear on old third degree scar tissue and so a few stitches . All good though . Jo

Hi Cheryl,

Please can I cancel our appointment on Thurs. I had a baby boy last night, Albert. We stayed at home and had a really positive birth experience.  I’ll get in touch with you in a few weeks about some treatment for pelvic floor.

I also want to thank you so much for your teaching on the course. It helped me to regain confidence in my own body and a calmness that helped me through labour. In fact it all happened so quickly with my husband delivering the baby before the midwives could arrive with Tens as the only additional pain relief.

Thank you


Well it worked!! Baby born 5.34 this morn before induction. Thank you so much 30/4/15 CB

28/05/15 Wai Lang (Tai Chi /yoga teacher)

Hi Cheryl, just wanted to say thank you for a really lovely treatment.

Absolutely professional and generous. Fingers crossed for this weekend!

Ps Ben is convinced you should be booked out and getting passive income fro your recordings. He’s a coach, and happy to have a conversation with you if you wanted to explore building your business further 🙂 xx

PPS I’d happily recommend you to any other pregnant ladies I come across!

Hi Cheryl,

I just wanted to let you know about the birth of baby Luca.

Luca finally arrived 17 days after his due date but I had a beautiful natural birth just like I had visualised. The surges started quite strong and close together but using a combination of the rainbow relaxation CD while I waited for my mum to arrive and then later the acupressure points and repeating the affirmations to myself helped me stay very calm and focussed. The breathing techniques were also a great help throughout. In the end we didn’t use a script on the day because everything happened so quickly from the beginning, but I think practising so much meant that the music and the tracks on the CD in the background just automatically got me into my ‘zone’ even when I was in hospital and they told me I had to be constantly monitored because I was so far ‘overdue’. Luckily they still let me use the birthing pool with wireless monitors and after having my first surges at 6pm on Tuesday, Luca arrived at 3.30am the next morning with only a little gas and air (although tried it once and did not enjoy). I am sure that because of the hypnobirthing techniques and by releasing all my fears and anxieties surrounding childbirth beforehand I had the birth I wanted and deserved.

He is now a happy, healthy baby boy, very chilled out and I really think it has to do with all the preparation, meditation and calm birth that I had. 

Thanks so much for all your help and advice. 


Rachel and Luca

Oct 2015

Hi Cheryl,


>> Just a quick thank you for the hypnotherapy and acupuncture sessions.  I

>> had a little boy on 2nd October 2 days after the acupuncture induction.


>> The hypnotherapy helped a lot in early labour and the breathing really

>> helped keeping calm and in control.  The labour was straightforward and

>> calm, with no intervention or pain relief, which is just what I wanted.


>> I¹ve attached a pic of Edward James for you to see.


>> Thanks again


>> Clare and Tom

27th Oct 2015

Had a beautiful baby girl. Acupressure was a life saver in my analgesia free delivery! Just wanted to thank you! From Dr Amer and Dr Farah

Nov 7th 2015

Good morning Cheryl,

I am aware that it is your job but I just wanted to thank you for the treatment I received on 8th October in order to induce labour. I understand this was a busy time for you but appreciated your flexibility in accommodating my request for an appointment so quickly (on the same day).

I would also like to thank you for the faith you have in your craft and how you portray it clients. It provided me with reassurance and enabled me to believe I would not need a medical induction, contributing to a natural onset and progression.

I had received a membrane sweep the morning of the 8th but began to feel ‘uncomfortable’ during your treatment, these feelings continued (aided at times by self stimulation of pressure points) until 10th when tightenings a became painful and regular. Labour and birth could not have progressed more smoothly, culminating in a normal birth on 11th October.

Thank you for your role in my wonderful birth!

Aimée Holdsworth

23rd Nov 2015

Hi Cheryl,

Just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl called Daisy Jean Herbert yesterday at 1.30am. She weighed 6lbs 11ozs. The hypnobirthing helped me so much and I had the rainbow relaxation script on repeat for nearly the whole time!

My waters broke at 1.30pm and then contractions came quickly from 7pm onwards. I really wanted a water birth but they were so busy at Harrogate hospital. I was lucky to have a fantastic calm midwife though who respected my need to stay in the zone.

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you for all your help. The fear release script really helped me in the lead up and I’m sure it was the acupuncture in the end that got everything going.

I did lots of j breathing which meant I was very calm and didn’t push, I had my natural birth and didn’t need any intervention. I even managed to get away without needing stitches!

Daisy came into the world so calm, content and happy.

I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends in the future.

Thanks again Cheryl,



Hi Cheryl, we had a baby girl! Her name is Esmee and she is doing really well. The birth was spectacular. I’d like to come back to you for a postnatal acupuncture session as our last session was really good. Do you have any time next week?



My Home water birth after a previous C section – WBAC.

Kay’s Birth story

My son, Oliver, was delivered by C-section in September 2010, due to breech presentation. Even though I had a positive experience the first time around, when I fell pregnant for the second time I just knew that I wanted to birth my baby naturally. So my plans for a VBAC began. My community midwife was extremely supportive of my VBAC plans but absolutely shattered my dreams when she told me that, as I’m classed as ‘high risk’, I wouldn’t be allowed to use a birth pool in hospital and that they’d want to continuously monitor the baby throughout labour, therefore an active birth wouldn’t be as likely. I was absolutely gutted. So the research began. I found out everything I could about the ‘risks’ of a VBAC, joined Facebook groups to seek advice, read all the up to date information online, started pregnancy yoga classes, booked onto an NCT refresher course, and booked onto a Hypnobirthing course. I was determined to get the birth I wanted, so much so that we changed our plans from a hospital birth to a home birth. This is by far the best decision I have ever made!!!

The Birth

So it all began on Tuesday 22nd May 2013. I was 40+5 and totally fed up of being pregnant but I’d decided that day to take my friend’s advice and just ignore the fact that I was pregnant and try to relax…so we went out for dinner, put our son Oliver to bed, had a bottle of Corona, and sat on the sofa watching TV.

At 9pm I suddenly felt a lot of pressure in my pelvis, and really struggled to get up off the sofa. On my way upstairs my waters broke in the hallway (very conveniently on the wooden floor and not on the stairs carpet!). I told my husband and his face was an absolute picture (shock/panic/excitement)….he excitedly said ‘shall I fill the pool’ followed quickly by ‘shall I put on some music’, which made me laugh so much! I told him that my contractions might not start for hours and hours and that I was off for a bath.

In the bath my waters kept on coming and I felt a bit of pressure in my pelvis but nothing much, so I got on with shaving my legs (as you do!) and chatting to my sister over text. After my bath I potted around doing bits of tidying, I swept the kitchen floor, took some towels downstairs (just in case!) and went back upstairs to relax, but I found myself on the toilet (of all places) as I kept feeling like I needed to poo and this was the only place I felt comfortable!

About 11pm the pressure increased and started to come and go, I wondered if these were contractions but tried to ignore them. I was determined to relax so I lay in bed-this is when I realized that they must be contractions because I couldn’t sit still through them and they were like waves that came and went. I sent Matthew off to fill the pool and quickly downloaded a contraction timer, put on my Hypnobirthing tracks and put some Clary Sage on a tissue to sniff. At this point I was on my knees, kneeling over the bed and breathing heavily through each wave. Looking at the contraction timer, they were coming every 2 minutes but were only lasting 30-45 seconds. I was absolutely gutted as I thought that meant that I was in very early stages of labour and that I was NEVER going to cope for hours and hours.

I put on the Tens machine, which was a nice distraction, and Matthew started to massage my back and shoulders through each contractions, which really helped. I did shout at him at one point as he started watching TV and missed my cues that a contraction was coming and instead of saying ‘can you massage my shoulders again like you’ve been doing, as it feels really nice and is a good distraction from the contraction’, all I could actually manage was to shout out ‘touch me’….Ha!!

The Tens machine was now up to level 3 (out of 5) but had started to annoy me so I decided to get into the pool, it was around 12.30am at this point. I was absolutely convinced that I was getting in too early but I didn’t care, I needed to try something different. Being in the water felt amazing and I just carried on breathing though my contractions. Matthew was brilliant, encouraging me to keep breathing in long and deep breathes and stay as relaxed as possible. At around 1am I asked him to call the midwives, which he did, but not before asking me if I was absolutely sure. At this point I felt like I needed some gas & air and I really felt like I couldn’t cope. I was really grunty and vocal through my contractions and kept on saying to Matthew that I couldn’t do this any longer and that I needed to go into hospital for an epidural. (This was obviously my transition!).

The midwives arrived at about 2am and got on with reading my notes and birth plan and Matthew nipped off to make them a cup of tea. I asked for the gas and air at this point but one of the midwives said that she’d like to do a few checks first, so she checked in on baby, took my temperature and my blood pressure. She said my temperature was slightly high so asked me if I’d like to take some Paracetamol. In my mind I was freaking out at this point, thinking that must have meant that I still had hours and hours to go.

This is when I started to feel my body push slightly with each contraction so I just went with it. The realisation finally hit me that I was near to meeting my baby and not in the early stages of labour like I’d feared! I suddenly felt like I could do this but was also worried that I might be pushing too soon. The midwife gave me the gas & air at this point and said to do what my body was telling me to do. I started to feel some stinging and the midwife reassured me that this was my body telling me to slow down the pushing a bit so as not to tear. She asked me if I could feel anything-I could, I could feel my baby’s head. I started to panic and suddenly felt really scared but with a couple more contractions the head was born, followed quickly by the body….she was here!!! I picked her up out of the water, I was amazed and in shock…I’d done it!!! Hattie May was born at 2.50am, less than 4 hours from my first contraction. I was absolutely over the moon!! Words can’t explain the feeling!!

I stayed in the water for a while and moved to the seat part of the birth pool. The midwives checked to see if the cord had stopped pulsing but found that it had actually snapped at some point so clamped it. My placenta came around 10 minutes after the birth.

I then got out of the pool and sat on the sofa with my little family. One of the midwives made me tea and toast-the best cup of tea ever!! Hattie was weighed-8Ib 1oz and then given back to me, she latched on for her first feed whilst we all sat talking, drinking tea and eating the banana & chocolate cake I’d made on the Tuesday. I had a few stitches and the midwives got themselves ready to leave.

After the midwives had left, we went off to bed and I lay awake cuddling our daughter and waited for our son Oliver to wake up and meet his baby sister. He’d slept soundly through the whole thing-just perfect!!

My birth was an amazing experience; I am still on a birth high and really couldn’t be happier!!


I know a lot of mums that have required no pain relief at all for it. I am going to classes this month in Leeds with Cheryl Mason - she was recommended by my midwife.


Based in Leeds